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We are a consulting firm at the intersection of urban developmentgender equality, and social inclusion.

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At Urban Inclusion, we are dedicated to creating cities that are inclusive, equitable, and just. As a consulting firm at the intersection of urban development, gender equality, and social inclusion, we envision urban spaces that are feminist, decolonial, and anti-capitalist through consulting services, workshop facilitation, and speaking engagements.

Our mission is to work collaboratively with cities, municipalities, international organizations, and practitioners to create urban environments where everyone can thrive.

Our expertise in gender equality and social inclusion helps transform urban landscapes into spaces that prioritize human rights and community care. Whether you’re a city official, part of an international organization, or an urban planning practitioner, Urban Inclusion is here to guide you in building impactful and sustained solutions for a more inclusive future.

about Me

Who has the right to the city?

As an architect, urbanist, and migrant woman of colour, I’m acutely aware of this question. Henri Lefebvre, in his 1968 book “Le Droit à la ville,” argued that urban inhabitants should collectively shape their cities’ social, political, and economic dimensions. Yet, when I look around, I still don’t like the answer to this question.

I’m Safaa Charafi, the founder and principal consultant at Urban Inclusion. With a deep passion for creating inclusive and equitable urban environments, I specialize in the nexus of urban development, gender equality, and social inclusion (GESI). My work is driven by feminist, decolonial, and anti-capitalist principles, aiming to reshape our cities into spaces where everyone can thrive.

Born into a world that often sought to diminish my worth, I managed to rise above the constraints of society’s expectations. Growing up in Morocco, I’ve lived and worked in cities like Rabat, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Toronto, Istanbul, and Kigali.

Each city has enriched my perspective and enabled me to approach urban challenges with a unique, intersectional lens. With a background in architecture and urbanism and PhD research in criminology and human geography across two continents, I’ve deepened my insights into urban complexities.

My approach is rooted in the principles of spatial justice, linking social justice with space. This understanding recognizes that inequalities are both spatially and socially constructed, affecting housing, safety, accessibility, and a sense of belonging in public spaces.Over the years, I’ve collaborated with diverse communities across Europe, Africa, and the MENA region, driven by a singular ambition: to cultivate spatial justice.

At Urban Inclusion, my goal is clear: to transform cities into places of justice and inclusivity, where everyone has the right to shape the urban spaces they live in.

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I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with leading organizations, such as the GIZ, Oxfam, UN Women, UNOPS, the AFD, the African Development Bank, and Eurocities. I’ve also shared my expertise at international platforms such as UN-Habitat, Arab Architecture Week in Saudi Arabia, Urban Future conference, and UNITAR.

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Services offered

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Consulting and Research

Specialised in consultancy and research services for international cooperation, I provide tailored expertise in urbanism, gender equality, diversity, and social inclusion. I empower organisations to navigate complexities and achieve impactful and sustained change through meticulous analysis and strategic guidance.

Speaking Engagements

Elevate your events with captivating presentations tailored to your audience’s needs. Drawing from my expertise in teaching and lecturing, I deliver thought-provoking presentations on topics ranging from migration, diversity, inclusive urban planning to anti-racism, to inspire critical thinking and create meaningful dialogues.

Workshop Facilitation

Designed to enhance collaboration and innovation, my workshops are about urban democracy, feminist geography, and inclusive city planning. I strive to create inclusive spaces and drive positive societal change through interactive learning experiences. If you have specific workshop needs, please reach out so we can work together to create a unique experience.

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If you share a passion for inclusive and sustainable urban development, diversity and inclusion, or are interested in collaborating on projects that drive positive change, I invite you to connect with me.

what i do

A dedicated advocate for social good.

In addition to my professional work, I’m a dedicated advocate for social good, anti-discrimination, decolonisation and inclusion. Leveraging my experiences in research, consultancy, and international development, I contribute to initiatives promoting social and spatial justice and supporting marginalized communities. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement to create positive and lasting impacts in our cities and beyond.

Having studied and worked in diverse cities, I possess a global perspective which informs my approach to urban development. This multicultural lens allows me to navigate complex social dynamics, embrace diversity, and tailor solutions that resonate with different communities. It also enables me to bring cultural sensitivity to my work, ensuring projects are contextually appropriate and inclusive.

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.
Jane Jacobs

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